Department of Psychology & Parapsychology Profile

Established in 1967, Department of Psychology and Parapsychology is the only one of its kind in the country, having carved a niche for itself in the early years of its formation with a distinctive focus on study of Parapsychology and psychology of Sleep and Dreams. Founded by Prof.K.Ramakrishna Rao, the department was started when the proposal to establish composite department of Psychology and Parapsychology in Andhra University was accepted by the UGC.

      The initial years of research activity in the department were dominated by projects and doctoral work in the fields of Parapsychology and Psychology of Sleep and Dreams. Subsequently, in keeping with the demands of social relevance, the department has grown to specialize in areas such as industrial Psychology, Clinical and Counselling Psychology, Health Psychology, Women's Studies, Social Psychology in all of which doctoral research wok and projects have been undertaken. Some of the areas in which extensive and pioneering work has been done by staff members in recent years are coping with Diabetes, Socio-demographic correlates of Psychological Disorders, Domestic Violence against Women and the Psychology of Music.

      M.Phil. course in Counselling Psychology was recently started from the academic year 2003 is geared towards training students to become professional counselors, was the first of its kind in the country.

      In addition to academic research projects, the Department has endeavored to broaden its reach through community interventions. The Centre for Psychological Assessment and Counselling (CPAC) established in the department in 1997, offers its services not only to the University community but also the general public though individual assessment and counselling, and by conducting public education workshops in mental related issues.

      A Computerized Assessment Centre (CAC) has recently been established in the Department. This center provides facility to students in their practicum work and to staff in their research.


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