Department of Meteorology and Oceanography

Department of Meteorology and Oceanography started in 1948 in Andhra University– first in Asia and fourth in the World – is a unique discipline that has got into prominence at AndhraUniversity. The alumni earned prominent positions inIndia and Abroad both in the Universities and Research Institutions. M.Tech Atmospheric Science course was started with the UGC assistance under COSIST Programme during the year 1988 with an assistance of Rs.13 lakhs. The present faculty is 10 against the budgeted 17 have established the track record with their academic contributions.

The Department has been identified for DST - FIST sponsored Department in strengthening the teaching and research in the fields of Meteorology and Physical Oceanography.

The Department offers the following courses, M.Sc (Meteorology), M.Sc(Physical Oceanography) and M.Tech (Atmospheric Science).

May the Divine Light Illuminate Our Studies
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